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Google Is Still King

Being at the top of Google's search index continues to be the aim of the game for content marketers. It is absolutely vital that your content and site are optimised not only to help people find your site but to make them actively WANT to visit.

The main task to achieve visibility in Google search is to find and research the keyphrases that are most likely to achieve that goal. The rest is all about monitoring, tweaking and regular revisions.

  • We have exceptional skills in identifying and using the keywords that will get your site noticed by Google.
  • Once your webpages are optimised for a set of keyphrases we monitor results regularly and continuously assess the need for adjustments.
  • Every month you'll get a tailored report about how your site is performing and what we recommend in order to maintain growth.

Who is visiting your website? What do they look for? We will analyse your web traffic to make sense of the statistics. We will then advise you on how to continue to grow your visitor numbers and how to maintain and grow your site in order to meet the needs of your visitors and encourage them to become regular visitors or customers.

Our copywriters will ensure that your content not only informs but also helps to boost you up Google's search rankings. We will also ensure that your site is optimised for mobile, that it loads quickly and that it meets other requirements of Google for top ranking sites.







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