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How Does Sytemaker Approach A Website Project?

All our clients have different needs and requirements, so every site we build is different to the last. We work with you to meet your precise specifications and work to the following five principles;

The vast majority of web users these days just want to find the information or entertainment that they are looking for quickly and with minimum fuss. There's a place for graphics and video but we always ask the following questions when we consider your design needs;

  • Who is visiting your website and what are they looking for?
  • How quickly do your visitors need to get the information they are looking for? What is your competition doing?
  • Is your content good enough to keep visitors engaged?

We will help you to build the right site, with the right design and content, with proven results for customer engagement and retention.

We can design and build websites to suit every budget and need. We understand that your website is a large investment and we take great pride in getting it right so that you get an exceptional return on that investment.

  • Although our client base includes all kinds of businesses large and small, Sytemaker takes special pride in providing affordable and professional website solutions for the small business.
  • We will work with you to provide a clear, bespoke quote as soon as you get in touch.

The speed of the mobile revolution took pretty much everybody by surprise. Mobile browsing of the internet is quick and convenient for users who are attuned to being able to find everything they need at the touch of a button.

  • If your website is not mobile-friendly, you risk losing the majority of your traffic and give the impression that your business has not moved with the times.
  • On top of this, search engines give ranking preferences to websites that pass their mobile friendly test.
  • Sytemaker uses responsive design to ensure that your website fits clearly on every common screen size, device and operating system.

If you want your web visitors to stay around, engage with your content and ultimately buy your product or service, you have to make your site enticing and relevant to them

At Sytemaker every website we design and build is guided by one rule; less is more! It allows us to incorporate some very precise visitor targeting into our designs.

We understand that;

  • Your visitors want to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. That requires concise content and clear navigation.
  • Most first time visitors arrive at your site via search engines who give ranking preferences to sites with precise and search relevant content.
  • First time visitors often get diverted by clutter (banners, scores of unrelated external links, too many adverts etc.) and end up on a competitor's website.
  • Crammed and cluttered pages take longer to download! Patience is one characteristic that web users do not have.

Our unique, holistic approach makes web projects go smoothly. We have a mix of key skills that allow us to advise you on every aspect of design, content, maintenance and marketing your site, allowing us to provide you with great value and consistent service.

The benefits of this approach include;

  • Clear plans for ongoing maintenance and search marketing so you are clear on precise costs
  • The removal of potential conflict between marketing and web site development
  • Great value for money







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