Website Maintenance

Websites are like buildings - They need a caretaker

Over time any successful website will continuously have to change and grow to keep up with business growth, changes in how people use the internet and the expectations and demands of your visitors.

Just like a building needs regular essential maintenance to ensure it continues to be useful and attractive, so does a website.

The rewards for keeping your website continuously updated is what any website owner wants and needs: more traffic! A website that grows and changes over time and presents up to date information shows credibility and with that installs confidence in visitors, keeping them coming back again and again.

  • It is important to act fast in making changes so that visitors get current, accurate information and don't get frustrated.
  • A website that hasn't been updated in a while is really offputting to visitors.
  • Converting visitors to customers isn't an instant process. You need to keep them coming back in order to build trust and make a sale. The best way to do this is with engaging, evolving content.

Broken images are still surprisingly common and one of the most offputting things that any visitors can see on a site. Corrupted images need to be repaired and/or replaced as soon as they are spotted.

  • Broken images create the impression of a lack of monitoring of and interest in your website which does not reflect favourably on products and services offered.
  • Sytemaker can provide regular monitoring of all of your pages to detect and repair such faults.

Regular news features are a very useful way to entice your visitors to return to your website regularly. These can include anything from updates to your products or services, staff changes or changes to your locations to news and commentary about your industry sector in general.

  • If you want to give a positive impression, it is vital that news sections are kept up to date.
  • Our content writer has a proven track record for producing timely, relevant news articles that generate visitors and revenue.

Links are the source of all traffic and the reason we are able to move so freely around the internet. To help maintain the credibility of your website it is important that your visitors do not encounter error pages when they are trying to follow a link on any of your pages.

  • Websites frequently change the location of their pages for various reasons or remove them altogether requiring links to them to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Just as we do with broken images we can detect broken links by regularly monitoring all the pages of your website.







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